Stony Brook Hosts Chinese Delegation to See First U.S. Application of Alipay and WeChat Pay

Stony Brook Hosts Chinese Delegation to See First U.S. Application of Alipay and WeChat Pay

In 2018 Stony Brook Village became the first community in the country to adopt Alipay and WeChat Pay which accounts for 90% of the Chinese mobile payment market, allowing merchants to better service the Chinese traveler through a convenient QR code point of sale terminal system right at their fingertips.

The Ward Melville Heritage Organization (WMHO) recently hosted a government delegation from Anhui Province, China who were here in the U.S. for two weeks (Michigan State University and New York) to learn best practices in innovation and entrepreneurship. The group consisted of government officials and higher education professionals. Their visit attracted the attention of the New York Institute of Technology who arranged to have Stony Brook Village included in their visit. The dignitaries met at WMHO’s management office for a lively discussion with Gloria Rocchio, President of WMHO and then toured Stony Brook Village to enjoy shopping and experience Alipay first hand.

Twelve government agencies, including the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Science, Technology and Intellectual Property Bureau, were represented. Delegation Leader, Guang Hu, Director, Division of International Exchange and Cooperation, Anhui Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs says, “We thank WMHO for hosting our delegation at beautiful Stony Brook. It is very impressive to know that Alipay and WeChat pay has been implemented by the shops of the village. Those two are widely used in China and it shows the technology and innovation offered here. I believe there is great potential to work with Ward Melville Heritage Organization on all levels of collaboration between Anhui and Stony Brook.”

Gloria Rocchio says, “We were happy to host this delegation because they were sincerely impressed with our concern for Chinese customers who are accustomed to using Ali Pay and WeChat Pay.”

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